A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's a city management game mixed with a trebuchet physics game, oh the horror!

You're the new Mayor in town, and you will build an amazing city using your trusty Trebuchet!

Balance your population, industry, power, and leisure. Good luck on your quest to make Trebuchet Town the best it can be!

Aim and Power your Trebuchet like a classic flinging game, while managing your town in city builder style.


  • Left click to click stuff
  • Right click to cancel Trebuchet shot
  • F11 to toggle fullscreen
  • Click and drag to scroll the map

Created by Nezumi Games @NezumiGames


trebuchet-town-win64.zip 10 MB
Version 2 Apr 25, 2018
trebuchet-town-win32.zip 9 MB
Version 1 Apr 25, 2018
trebuchet-town-osx.zip 12 MB
Version 1 Apr 25, 2018
Trebuchet Town.love 6 MB
Version 1 Apr 25, 2018

Install instructions

For Linux: download the .love file and install love2d 11.0 at https://love2d.org/

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